Overcoming Pandemic Hurdles: The Path to Success in Labor Certification

Client Background

Our client, a leading restaurant group in South Florida, approached us for assistance with their labor certification process prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenge Unveiled

As the pandemic unfolded, our client’s financial situation underwent significant changes. When we reached the stage of the labor certification process requiring proof of our client’s ability to meet sponsorship obligations, the financial documentation provided was insufficient. We struggled to demonstrate their capacity to pay the proffered wage.

Strategic Insight

Delving deeply into the company’s history and current circumstances, we discovered that apart from the pandemic’s impact on revenue, certain restaurants had undergone closures for necessary renovations. This revelation emerged only after thorough scrutiny of the company’s operations. Armed with this insight, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of their historical revenue and current progress, identifying promising trends despite the pandemic and renovation closures.

Innovative Solutions Deployed

Our strategy unfolded in two phases. First, leveraging insights from our deep dive, we crafted a compelling narrative of our client’s financial journey. Second, we proposed preparing a corporate resolution wherein partners agreed to adjust their compensation to ensure meeting proffered wages if necessary. The partners readily agreed, emphasizing their commitment to their employees and past instances where they adjusted their earnings to meet salary obligations.

Outcome Achieved

Despite initial hurdles and complexities, our tailored approach yielded success. The labor certification was approved, underscoring our client’s resilience and determination in adversity.


This case underscores the significance of adaptability and innovation in overcoming challenges, especially amid unprecedented circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic. Through meticulous analysis and proactive solutions, we empowered our client to surmount obstacles and attain their goals, laying the foundation for future achievements.

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